Elizabeth King is an ad nerd for one reason: 

Copywriter heart throb Michael Steadman, played by Ken Olin, of the advertising hit show, “Thirtysomething.” He was the kind of copywriter that could dream up big ideas while playing hoops at his very own startup and morph into a powerhouse at a big firm. Elizabeth, young and impressionable said, I want to be Michael Steadman. 

But first there was life to live. Elizabeth was an avid fisherwoman at age 7. At 9 she showed off her design sense as the winner of the National Tea Cup Flower Arrangement Competition. She went on to sell her first "ad” as the writer and designer of the Spring Concert program. In college, Elizabeth handled advertising and PR for the exhibits and artists of the campus gallery.

She proved her strength by snuggling with tigers in Thailand, surviving sand storms at Burning Man and much later, giving birth in 22 minutes. And through that time, because she felt the world's need for brevity in the future, Elizabeth became Liz (much to her mother's disappointment).

Liz continued her adventures in ad school, the red halls of Ogilvy, the grey halls of Y&R and many other agencies in between. But it was at Kirshenbaum that she developed range. As a writer, she mastered all aspects of fast food, finance and entertainment, in all media. But one year, she got her shot on BMW. If there was an idea, she and her many amazing partners, made it so. Everything from a homepage takeover that broke the internet to million dollar commercials. 360 ideas were not a request, they were mandatory for 4 years. This is also where Liz learned how much she loved working and managing young creatives. Her philosophy? Everyone has a good idea. They just need help coaxing it along. This is also where she learned the value of gaining a client’s trust, no matter how intense the shoot. 

Then life beyond BMW called again—the life of freelance. Liz reports that it is the most challenging and exciting life there is. In her words, “You are the closer, the fixer, the pitcher, the problem solver. Every time.” Although, this life is exciting, there’s also something to be said for finding a home. Liz is open to whatever may come next... 

If you're down here, you skimmed...kudos.

Life's short. Enough weird 3rd person crap. Get to it.